Hiromi Oshima our Miss June 2004 Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan was on vacation in Florida when she was spotted by a Playboy Asia photographer

PLAYBOY ASIA - Hiromi Oshima our Miss June 2004. She’s a rare beauty, all natural, with sleek black hair and brown eyes, and has the distinction of being our first-ever Japanese Playmate. 

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Hiromi was on vacation in Florida when she was spotted by a Playboy photographer. “I could never have been a model in Japan,” she says. “I would be considered too busty.” 

Not too busty for America, and certainly not for Playboy – she finished her degree in communications, moved to Miami Beach, and we flew her out for the 50th Anniversary Playmate Search. After a few issues of Special Editions – including the cover of Exotic Beauties – she was named Miss June 2004. 

“I was thrilled,” she says, “but my parents had been strict, and I had never posed nude before!” These days, Hiromi is living in Los Angeles, and she’s just as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind it – she’s one of our most popular Playmates, and not only does she continue to pose for us, but she became a photo production coordinator for Special Editions. 

Hiromi Oshima to shoot her exclusive pictorial. Get to know more about Hiromi Oshima by watching our behind the scenes footage and the complete sexy version available exclusively on Playboy. 

Watch the video as Hiromi Oshima reveals all her little secrets, adventures, fantasies, along with her fun & wild experiences. Playboy brings you all the latest news, lifestyle, movie reviews, gamer experiences and event coverage on Playmates, CyberGirls, Amateurs, Coeds and Celebrities.


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