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PLAYBOY ASIA - For her third pictorial, Playboy Muse of the Month, Viviane Leigh heads to a gorgeous orange orchard as the photographer, Cassandra Keyes captures all her beauty.

Dressed in a flowing and revealing white dress, Viviane looks breathtaking as she gathers oranges to squeeze. “For my third set Playboy got me working,” she laughs.

“I was picking oranges in an orchard and waiting for my lover to arrive!” When it comes to her own dating life, Viviane looks for someone who can be open, caring and adventurous.

“I look for a kind-hearted, confident and self-aware man,” she says. “The most important quality is he is aware of his emotions and isn’t afraid of exploring them with me.”

When it comes to first dates, Viviane isn’t high maintenance in the slightest.

“My idea of the perfect first date depends on the guy I’m with, I want him to show me a part of who he is,” she says thoughtfully.

“But a glass of wine with a view is nice too!” See more of the lovely, June Playboy Muse of the Month, right here on Playboy Asia!


Entertainment lifestyle Playboy Asia magazine publication hot girls Playmates most exclusive exotic Asian sexy women models healthy quality articles

PLAYBOY ASIA - “I'm a fun-loving girl,” says the beautiful Playboy Muse of the Month, Viviane Leigh. On location in sunny Mexico, this Australian beauty is thoroughly enjoying her time in a new country shooting with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes.

“The second set I shot was in a cactus garden. I was once again, exploring the beautiful Mexican countryside,” she gushes.

Dressed in a bright coral dress, boots, and a safari hat, Viviane walks through the stunning greenery surrounding her as the camera snaps away.

“I first heard about Playboy when I was a young girl,” says Viviane. "I always admired the beautiful, classy, and strong women on the cover. I dreamt that one day I could be a Playboy model — it’s surreal it [has] come true!”

Thrilled to be right where she is, Viviane enjoys posing nude. “[It’s] so liberating and empowering; I love feeling natural in my own skin,” she says.

“Playboy makes me feel beautiful and confident about my body. My body might not be perfect, but I love it!” Enjoying this second pictorial from Viviane? Stay tuned for her third set, right here on Playboy Asia!


Entertainment lifestyle Playboy Asia magazine publication hot girls Playmates most exclusive exotic Asian sexy women models healthy quality articles

PLAYBOY ASIA - Thrilled and ready for her close up is the stunning, Viviane Leigh — your lovely, Playboy Muse of the Month for June!

A warm and friendly spirit, Viviane is all smiles on location in sunny Mexico with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes.

“This place is totally beautiful,” she says of her surroundings. “I’m super excited to be here! I’ve never been somewhere so exotic before.”

Dressed in a beautiful pink and orange dress, Viviane is vibrant and charming as she gives the camera her best poses for her first feature pictorial.

“The first look was a boho dream. I arrive on set in my cute little scooter and start exploring the ranch.

” Basking in the sunshine of her garden, Viviane is absolutely breathtaking as she slips off her dress to reveal her alluring figure.

“I’ve been modeling for a while on and off because I also keep my job as an accountant,” she says. “I love being nude.

I think the naked body is beautiful and a women’s naked body should be celebrated!” Get to know more about your gorgeous, Playboy Muse of the Month, Viviane Leigh through more of her pictorials, right here on Playboy Asia!


Entertainment lifestyle Playboy Asia magazine publication hot girls Playmates most exclusive exotic Asian sexy women models healthy quality articles

PLAYBOY ASIA -  Irish-Japanese brunette Chloe Moet shows us she can only unwind at home if she’s in her birthday suit. The lines between exotic and erotic are blurred thanks to these beautiful women, right here on Playboy Asia.

Amateur Chloe Moet is a forward thinker. Broad-minded and big-breasted, she’s half Japanese and half Irish, with almond-shaped brown eyes and a full set of lips. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Chloe’s got a lot on her plate – she’s a working model and busy student, fluent in Japanese, a former water polo champ, an occasional scuba diver, and a talented home cook.

“I love being mixed race,” says Chloe. “Being part of two very different cultures has made me who I am today. I have a real love and appreciation for culture. And I’m very thankful to have grown up in San Francisco – because it made me open-minded, accepting and supportive of all lifestyles.

” You’re more likely to find Chloe in the kitchen than the bedroom. “I love to cook, and guys love to eat,” she says. “Among my guy friends, I think their favorite is my signature guacamole bacon cheeseburger!”

After dinner she likes to have a martini with the girls (and talk about the guys). “I have loved Playboy Asia ever since I knew what Playboy Asia was,” raves Chloe.“To be in it is a dream come true. It’s such a timeless, classy company.” So how does she like posing exotic? “I love it”, she says. “It’s the most natural feeling for me. I like my legs and shoulders, but I love my breasts.

My mom and dad bought them for me for Christmas.” Chloe’s as liberal in her sex life as she is in her social politics. “I like sexy, ballsy girls and smart, respectful guys,” she says. “My sexuality is free from any restraint. I do what I want whenever I want. Single life is so much easier, but when you find the right person, all of the work you have to put into a relationship is totally worth it.”

Get to know more about Chloe Moet by watching our behind the scenes footage and the complete exotic version available exclusively on Playboy Asia.

Watch the video as Chloe Moet reveals all her little secrets, adventures, fantasies, along with her fun & wild experiences. brings you all the latest news, lifestyle, movie reviews, gamer experiences and event coverage on Playmates, CyberGirls, Amateurs, Coeds and Celebrities.


Entertainment lifestyle Playboy Asia magazine publication hot girls Playmates most exclusive exotic Asian sexy women models healthy quality articles

PLAYBOY ASIA - Get some fresh air with the truly captivating, Chloe Rose. On location in Cape Town, South Africa, Chloe enjoys the cool breeze and sunshine while the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer snaps his camera away.

Dressed in nothing more than a tie-top and pink bikini bottoms, Chloe gazes deeply into the camera for all her adoring fans.

For Chloe, enjoying a nice day outside is exactly how she would spend her time if she weren’t working.

“In my spare time I love going for long walks in nature,” she tells us. “It keeps me down to earth, calm and aware. If I had a superpower it would be to heal the earth.

” Thoughtful, energetic and totally mesmerizing, Chloe could just be the girl of our dreams. “I was born into this world naked,” she says with a smile.

“Posing nude comes to me naturally!” Are you enjoying this enchanting pictorial from the one and only, Chloe Rose? Make sure to check out her other sets, right here, only on Playboy Asia!


Entertainment lifestyle Playboy Asia magazine publication hot girls Playmates most exclusive exotic Asian sexy women models healthy quality articles

PLAYBOY ASIA - It’s the most beautiful morning with stunning International model, Chloe Rose. Just waking up, Chloe is serene. Dressed in a blue top and panties on set of her bedroom with the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer, you won't be able to take your eyes off her.

Feeling sexy and calm, Chloe runs her hands down her divine all-natural figure. “If I could have a superpower it would be the power to heal the Earth,” she tells us about herself. “What I love most about my body are my lips, my waist, breasts, and face,” she says.

Now fully nude, Chloe has reached pure bliss and knows just how to move her beautiful body for the camera. “My personal experience with Playboy has been great! I feel really blessed and excited to be able to shoot in my motherland,” she says of shooting in South Africa.

“I don’t remember exactly when the first time I heard about Playboy was, but I thought, wow these women are so confident in their naked bodies and known all over the world,” she reminisces.

“I was definitely inspired but never in my wildest dreams would have thought I’d actually land here one day!”

Are you enjoying getting to know more about Chloe? If so, check out her other pictorials, right here on Playboy Asia!


Entertainment lifestyle Playboy Asia magazine publication hot girls Playmates most exclusive exotic Asian sexy women models healthy quality articles

Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves Photography by Jean Pierrot Published on March 31, 2019

PLAYBOY ASIA - Long before she was christened our March 2019 Playmate, Playboy knew Miki Hamano was special. First featured in our pages in a March 2018 pictorial, she also starred in the Playboy Collection by Coco de Mer SS19 campaign. Today, Hamano's popularity is soaring—her @misshamino Instagram handle boasts nearly 90,000 followers and her talents even extend to the silver screen; she made her film debut in the 2018 movie Perfect starring Abbie Cornish.

This Wilhelmina model is not just a natural beauty; she is a laid back stunner who thrives on adventure. At the age of 19, Hamano arrived in the United States from Japan speaking no English but went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. “Modeling is my favorite thing to do,” she says. “But I also love traveling and meeting new people around the world.” Below, Hamano spoke to Playboy about why Los Angeles women are special, her favorite place to be naked and the secret behind her positive outlook on life.

Is it true you got into modeling in art school?

Yes. I would model for my friends for their student projects and those kinds of things.

Many models, costume designers and photographers have backgrounds in art. You were a business major, but did you study art, too?

At College of the Desert, I studied art history. I did figure drawing and all kinds of art and photography. I have so much respect for artists. If you can draw anything— that is having true talent. Even though I don’t really paint anymore, my love for art is still with me. Every time I go on a trip, I make sure to go to local museums to get inspired!

So do you consider yourself an artist?

I tried everything [while studying art history], like sculpture, painting, collage making, all of that. I appreciate art, but I’m not a good painter or sculptor. I wasn’t happy with anything I made. But now I live in Los Angeles, and most of my friends are artists, so I’d love to get back to creating collages. It was my favorite thing to do back then.

It sounds like you’re probably a strong artist. But it's obvious you’re an amazing model. How has that experience been for you?

Modeling comes naturally to me. It’s also my dream job! I have so much fun doing it. It’s been great for me because it’s something that makes me happy—it’s my passion. I love all the people I get to work with and the places it takes me.

You're in amazing shape. What’s your go-to fitness routine?

I love doing yoga and stretching. I’m also double-jointed, so that makes me really flexible. I used to walk everywhere when I lived in San Francisco, so I still try to do that in L.A. when I can.

As a Playboy model who’s been featured in multiple pictorial, you’re obviously comfortable with nudity. Where is your favorite place to be naked?

I enjoy being naked in nature. That’s my favorite place to shoot nude. My happy place in nature is the forest or woods. So definitely the forest—I’m not really a beachy person.

We know that you are married. Where did you meet your husband?

We met through work! We were both living in San Francisco at the time.

What does he do for a living?

He’s a photographer!

That’s cool—you guys balance each other career-wise. How long have you been married?

It’s been two years, and we’ve been together four.

What is the best thing about having a husband?

He supports me emotionally and helps me realize my dreams! It’s amazing to have someone who always helps me find a forward way to my goals.

You’re married but don’t wear your wedding ring, is there a reason why?

I should more than I do! On set, I have to remove all of my accessories, and I forget where I put them. So I am learning to trust myself more with expensive things since I tend to lose them. But I’m currently trying to fix the habit.

You’re originally from Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan but now currently reside in Los Angeles. Where do you ultimately want to live?

As I get older, I miss Japan more and more. Los Angeles is amazing for work and day to day life right now, but I’d love to go back to Japan one day. I just miss simple things like Japanese convenience stores and vending machines.

As a recent transplant, what's a characteristic about  L.A. women that makes them special in comparison to other women around the world?

In L.A., women tend to be more outspoken and liberal in their reactions and personality, I think that’s an L.A. thing in general. But it empowers women here to be themselves and explore ideas about spirituality and creativity. Women in Los Angeles also don’t wear bras that much. I love that!

Modeling seems like a challenging career because you’re judged on your looks. Your ability to work depends on your appearance and your relationship with the camera. So a lot of what you do is cerebral, tied to your self-esteem and self-image. How do you stay in a positive state of mind?
In the past, when something really sad or bad happened to me, I would hold onto that sadness.

My husband introduced me to a book called ShambhalaThe Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa. Then I read another called Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss. The common theme of those self-help books is that happiness in our daily lives is simply an issue of perspective. It's something you are capable of changing at any time if you are patient and determined. Today, I’m a very positive person. Things always turn out much better when you think positively! (Playboy)