Playboy Asia KJ Carter a model and graphic designer moves about an Asian beautiful home as the sun shines through the windows

By: Joe Andre Alam

PLAYBOY ASIA - Enter a calm state with newcomer KJ Carter, a model, and graphic designer from Syracuse, New York. On location in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with the photographer Cassandra Keyes, KJ moves about a beautiful home as the sun shines through the windows. 

"I'm kind of shy and introverted," shares KJ of hers elf, "but when I'm comfortable, I'm bubbly, funny, and sassy." KJ takes pride in her open mind. 

"I love trying new things, especially food," she smiles. "I have a strong passion for food— I may be small, but I love to eat!" As for her work, KJ finds it fun and fulfilling. 

"I love posing nude," she says. "I love how the nude body looks in photos, and I just like being naked in general!" Stay tuned for more from KJ Carter.

“I think I’m most proud of being able to do what I do,” shares KJ Carter, a model and graphic designer from New York. “I grew up on an old farm in Syracuse,” says KJ of where she calls home. 

“What I love most about it is that I have a lot of childhood memories there— helping in the garden, biking with my dad, and fishing.” Somewhat new to modeling, KJ has always had a creative eye. 

“I started modeling during the pandemic. I have a degree in architecture and graphic design,” she says. Though she describes herself as a little shy, a whole other side of KJ comes through when in front of the camera.

 “I’m kind of introverted,” she admits, “but when I’m comfortable, I’m bubbly, funny, and sassy!” KJ tells us that she’s always known Playboy. “I can’t pinpoint a specific time [I discovered the brand]. I’ve always known about it,” she says. 

“I’ve had a great experience with Playboy so far! I got to work with a very creative woman photographer, which I was really excited about; I haven’t worked with many. (Playboy).


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