Playmate: Dayoung Kim. Panties: COS Products

PLAYBOY ASIA - Playmate March 2018: Dayoung Kim. Dayoung Kim  is as tough as a spring buds.

Birthday: May 21
Astrology: Gemini
Blood Type: A

Playmate: Dayoung Kim. Bra and panties by CALVIN KLEIN, denim pants with incision details by GUESS products

Camera frame 

I was born in Gyeonggi province. I still like to take pictures since I was younger. I remember taking many pictures while traveling around the country with my family. It seemed that it was nice to go inside a camera frame after graduating from a dance department at a university and then acting in a large agency.

Playmate: Dayoung Kim. All denim jackets and shorts by GUESS, the bra by CALVIN KLEIN

Harder than yesterday

After running the agency, i runs a women's apparel shopping mall. Since then i have been running a franchise cafe. Now i am working as a yoga and ballet, pilates instructor, and personal trainer. Since I graduated from college, I have been running without looking at my eyes. I did not want to depend on my parents, and I seem to have had a big desire for my career. I think that various experiences have made me a little harder.

Playmate: Dayoung Kim.. Denim shorts by GUESS, Chelsea boots by RACHEL COX

Healing and vitality yoga

It was a college student's first encounter with yoga. I felt the stability of my body and mind, and as soon as I realized that I was healed, I became an important part of my life. When others felt what I was feeling, I started yoga classes in the hope that I would be healthy together. Actually, I can not help but feel proud when members see me changing with me. It has not been so long since I started putting my daily life as a yoga instructor on the Instagram. If you are interested in me and have contact with exercise-related inquiries, you will become a lifelong vigor that you feel as a yoga instructor.

Playmate: Dayoung Kim. Straight-cut non-washed denim pants by GUESS products

Without fear

A few years ago, I received a model contract scouting proposal from Hong Kong Management. So I went to the meeting alone with a sick English. I knew that it was not easy for anyone to go to another country and meet alone, so I praised myself regardless of the result. Playmate is a new challenge for me too.

Playmate: Dayoung Kim. Both bra and panties by CALVIN KLEIN, denim pants with incision details by GUESS products

Ideal type

There are a lot of girlfriends than boyfriends. When I have a boyfriend, I do not get in touch with other boyfriends. If you choose your ideal ... Humorous, caring, humorous man!

Playmate: Dayoung Kim. All slim-cut denim pants with t-shirts and distroid details are available by GUESS

Super Moon

I am having a day full of lessons from morning till evening. Group lessons are more difficult to cancel the schedule, more responsive, and more stylish to go without any accidents. It is these days that I am working, but I look for the comfort of heaven. If you have a beautiful day in the sky, you can always take pictures. Not long ago, I faced a super gate in the sky on my way out for the dawn lesson. It came as if a large, swollen moon were near the top, and it was fantastic. (Playboy Korea)

Playmate: Dayoung Kim. Boots-cut denim pants decorated with denim shirts and out pockets by GUESS products

Playmate: Dayoung Kim. Logo T-shirt and chest straight cut denim pants by GUESS, panties by CALVIN KLEIN products



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