Taiwanese beauty is the sort who will talk for hours about any topic under the sun and beyond the horizon
Aria Xu 

PLAYBOY ASIA -  Easy to approach, the Philippines - Taiwanese beauty is the sort who will talk for hours about any topic under the sun and beyond the horizon, and carries the ability to inject fun into anything that she does in the way college students affix humor to everything in sight. Asian Beauty Aria Xu reminds us of that campus crush in class with whom every guy is dying to be seated next to. However, beneath the perpetually cheerful smile is a strong-willed woman who has overcome many an obstacle to get to where she is now.

“I’ve been through a lot,” she explains. “I’ve experienced losing everything and this is what true freedom feels like – when you lose everything and still have the courage to go on in life and strive to have more; strive to have what you need. My experiences and what I’ve learned from my mistakes define me as a person.”

Going through life’s motions with a buoyant demeanor, the perky 19-year-old aims to become independent and financially stable, apart from pinning herself in the map of the modeling industry. Her thirst for knowledge is insatiable, wanting to assimilate nuggets of wisdom picked up at every juncture into her own personality.

Aria Xu 

“I think you should never be complacent,” she muses. “You should always try to be the best version of yourself to make the most out of life.”

Blessed with a generous bosom, porcelain skin, and an addictive face, Aria is a picture of sexiness at first glance. Once you talk to her, however, you will realize that her definition of sexiness extends beyond skin and flashy wardrobes.

“Aside from confidence, knowing your worth as a person and what you can really offer is sexy,” she admits.

Furthermore, Aria makes it clear that substance is of higher value than any spectacle that the flesh affords.

“My mind, it’s my edge. All women have vaginas. Go for one with a brain,” she adds.

Aria Xu 

In the sphere of romance, Aria prefers guys who are older, as they often carry an abundance of wisdom and a wealth of class. Gaining her adoring attention does not involve showcasing an oversupply of testosterone; rather, she would love to be with someone whom she can share her personal anthologies with and has the sagacity to always come up with ideas that stimulate her mind.

“I like a guy who can make me laugh,” she says. “I would also love it if he can hold substantial conversations with me because I love talking about philosophies, religion, and politics. There’s more to life than working and worrying about the bills, so to me it’s important to ponder on other things. You really have to be intelligent in some way to get me interested.”

Aria Xu 

Aria discloses that the bookstore is her candy shop, where instant gratification lies within the covers of notable works of fiction and philosophy books. And she fancies being part of a real-life fairy tale wherein a guy offers to buy her literary licorice as they ride off in the sunset to her castle – her favorite milk tea place – to discuss a love that is intricately woven in a silky narrative. Life could imitate art. If you are a prince among men. (Playboy Philippines)



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