Anna Grachevskaya - a girl is clearly not a timid ten. And the capital conquered (Anya hails from Kharkov), and married successfully
Anna Grachevskaya

PLAYBOY ASIA - Anna Grachevskaya - a girl is clearly not a timid ten. And the capital conquered (Anya hails from Kharkov), and married successfully, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, but she did not dissolve in the mass of new Muscovites.

Time of risky experiments on themselves, when our hot changed appearance and figure, giving herself into the hands of plastic surgeons, is already in the past. And what about the present?

Anna, scientists are sure that soon we will print everything we need on 3D printers. What would have printed if you had such an apparatus?

The question, of course, is from the realm of fantasy, I did not fully understand it (laughs). If to abstract, then I would be useful for a make-up device. I myself do not like to make a make-up myself, I do not know how, and this exercise really tires. If there was such a device, where would lean your face - and you are already in makeup, that would be for me salvation.

Anna Grachevskaya

Photoshoot made specially for our magazine, beautiful and provocative. What did you imagine when you were shooting?

The photo session was really made specially for your wonderful magazine. This was my first experience of candid shooting, and I entrusted her to Marina Nikitina, with whom we have been cooperating for a long time. This is the only photographer who does aqua photography.

Honestly, I do not really like water. But I imagined that I was such a nymph of the sea, a mermaid. Water washes away all the bad, cleans, and therefore these pictures for me - the personification of openness, nakedness of the soul, complete purity. I'm an open person, in this plus and minus, not always others perceive me as I would like.

You are afraid of water, but you chose Aquatem for shooting. We decided at the editorial office that this shot could be called "Sex in weightlessness" ...

You are really close to our name ... Space is our universe, thoughts, dreams. Communication with space, weightlessness, ease you do not want to lose!

In my life, by the way, many times it happened that thoughts materialized. I need to be more careful with the mental world. I would call this frame "Thoughts about weightlessness".

Frames look beautiful, but off-screen, to be honest, it was terribly cold, the water poured into my eyes, into my face, and I had to save makeup. It's uncommon to pose under running water! I did not experience any "sex" (laughs), I wanted to do everything quickly, but Marina forced me to take beautiful poses, and it was not easy!

Anna Grachevskaya

Do not you want to have such an experience - sex in weightlessness?

Why not! I'm generally a follower of all new experiments. The more diverse the place where you can have sex, the more interesting! Adrenaline stands out, I certainly would not refuse. Probably, it would not be easy, but, most likely, it would be worth trying.

You are not afraid of candid photos, do not be afraid to admit to plastic surgery. And what is the biggest fear?

Lose your loved ones. And the betrayal of the closest person - that's probably what I'm afraid of most.

Imagine the perfect Anna Grachevskaya: what would you improve in yourself?

It's hard to say ... I love transformations, changes, I've experimented a lot with appearance and figure. At the moment I'm happy with everything. In general, satisfaction comes with age.

But what I lack is internal peace of mind. And patience. Perhaps the ideal Anna Grachevskaya would be more calm and patient. I hope this will come to me in life. In general, ideal people do not exist. There must be at least one spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey, otherwise it's very boring. I personally prefer non-ideal people!

Anna Grachevskaya

There is such a stable expression "to strengthen the family". How do you think this can be done?

Of course, in the first place, trust, attention, care and understanding. Love is not even discussed. It is very important when there is trust of parents to the child and the child to parents, attention and care among all.

And if we talk about husband and wife, this is certainly sex. The more diverse it is, the more each of the partners wants to make a new contribution to sex and relationships, the more beautiful. But while on one sex only, relationships can not be built, no matter how varied intimate relationships may be. People should trust each other and understand. At the head of the pyramid called "family" lies love. Well and further - sex, understanding, trust, care, respect and freedom of personal space.

Beauty will save the world or sex will save the world (as Hugh Hefner said), do you think?

I believe that not beauty will save the world, but sex. Because sex is beautiful, it's health, it's an excellent state of mind and body and, eventually, reproduction (laughs). It is always pleasant and interesting. And beauty involves working on yourself. It is energy-consuming and labor-intensive for any girl to look good! And with sex everything is easier.

And if there is a loved one nearby, it is a complete pleasure (smiling).

What of the unfulfilled do you regret?

I can not say that something has not come true in my life. Unless in my youth I so wanted to practice ballroom dancing! I was engaged in folk dances, hip-hop, R'n'B, but for some reason they did not give me ballroom dancing ...

I still look with admiration at the performance of the ball bearings. Of course, I have dreams, desires, but for this I work and go forward. All that I wanted, what I dreamed of, came true, and I hope that it will continue to be the same!

Anna Grachevskaya

If you participated in a reincarnation show, which image would you choose for yourself and why?

I would really like to reincarnate in Audrey Hepburn, I was even told that I look like her. And I'm close to the African-American type, I would choose the image of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Shade, Lorin Hill, Erica Badu ...

Can you say about yourself that you have sex magic acting on men?

Now I'm married and do not use this magic on the surrounding men, but yes, I can say: it is (laughs). Earlier, if I liked a man, I could have enchanted and bewitched him, it's not for nothing that I have gypsy roots! I was told that it's hard for me to forget or to throw it out of my head. And, apparently, it's still a certain magic!
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