Oksana Bast What are you doing now?Model, make-up artist, sportswoman Playboy Asian
Playmate Oksana Bast

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Playmate Oksana Bast

Name: Oksana Bast
City: Moscow city
Date and place of birth: 12 April 1991, Samara Region
Age: 25 years old
Parameters: 178, 90/63/90
Activity: Model, make-up artist, I'm fond of sports.

Playmate Oksana Bast
What are you doing now?

Model, make-up artist, sportswoman.

Playmate Oksana Bast

What is your hobby?

I'm fond of sports and cooking.

Playmate Oksana Bast

Which men do you like?

Purposeful, self-confident, kind, honest and without cockroaches in his head.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan more professionally to go into sports, to wean myself into a coach and create a healthy sports family.

Playmate Oksana Bast
Your dream?

I dream to take a prize on a fitness bikini.

Playmate Oksana Bast
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