I would feel about posing for Playboy Playmate March 2020: Anita Pathammavong

PLAYBOY ASIA - March 2020 Playmate, Anita Pathammavong, is absolutely radiant in this stunning pictorial from the photographer, Ali Mitton. Covered in sunlight, gold, silk, and marigolds, Anita finds pure bliss on set. “Marigolds fill the pool, and I breathe in the verdant aroma as the florists trim their stems,” she describes of the shoot, “I am naked; all around me, the energy is strong.

The confidence I feel today is the result of an ever-evolving journey of exploration and self-acceptance.” From the water to lounging in nothing but gold jewels, Anita’s beauty is a force of nature. When it comes to posing for Playboy, Anita believes she manifested it. “I honestly feel like I spoke it into existence,” she beams.

“I was working with Patricia Meier-Viet, who showed me her May 1993 Playmate pictorial in Playboy Germany. I decided then, ‘I’m going to do Playboy.’ A few months later, I was talking to my friend, Fo Porter, the April 2019 Playmate, and she asked me how I would feel about posing for Playboy. Next thing I know, I have an interview with the casting director!” Learn more about Anita Pathammavong, right here, now on Playboy.


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