Viviane Leigh in Time Alone, Feeling Natural in Her Own Skin admired the beautiful, classy, and strong women on the cover Playboy Asia


PLAYBOY ASIA - Viviane Leigh returns to Playboy for the first time since June 2019 with this pictorial. We last shot Viviane in Mexico, and now, she’s back on set with the photographer, Torrey West, in Los Angeles, California. “I first heard about [Playboy] as a young girl. I always admired the beautiful, classy, and strong women on the cover,” says Viviane.

 “I dreamed that one day I could be a Playboy model, and it’s surreal it [has] come true!” Posing in a silk robe and towel, Viviane tells us more about herself as the camera clicks. “My passion? Learning something new,” she shares. “I love traveling and learning about new cultures through new experiences.” 

When it comes to posing nude, Viviane finds it freeing. “Posing nude is liberating,” she says. “I love feeling natural in my own skin. Playboy made me feel beautiful and confident about my body.” Make sure to check out all of Viviane’s galleries right here on Playboy.


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