Playmate Abegail Varias
PLAYBOY - Playmate Abegail Varias intends to raise your spirits and keep you feeling warm and fuzzy through the 14th of February. Being single may have its perks, but upon the entry of February, a lot of guys see themselves as lost stars, casting a web of fleeting radiance in the hope of finding a heavenly body to form a constellation of love with. Fret not, dear reader, you’ve got a heavenly body in your midst.

She is shy and mild-mannered, seemingly resigned to periods of silence interspersed with light chatter when with new people. Owner to a well-endowed torso and a seductive face, Abegail can easily be presumed as an icy temptress, but that claim couldn’t be farther from the truth. However, once she finds comfort in the scenario, her endearing personality shines through.

“At first, I’m shy and quiet when you meet me,” she admits. “But when I get comfortable around you, I will loosen up and become a fun person. My friends think I’m sweet, thoughtful, and caring. I’m up for anything that they want to do.”

Playmate Abegail Varias

Abegail has a penchant for travel. As a tourism student, she fancies the gems that nature has to offer and sometimes finds herself immersing in other cultures. The beach is a frequent destination as she prefers lush expanses over tourist attractions that simulate the urbanity that surrounds Manila’s party places. One of her goals is to visit a particular tropical paradise in the country.

“I’ve always found Palawan beautiful in pictures,” she says. “I associate the place with relaxation and relaxation is a huge part of my definition of a real vacation. Some of the other popular beaches are well-known for their nightlife, while Palawan is all about being with nature, which I prefer.”

When not traveling, Abegail would rather stay home and help her mom do household chores than go clubbing. The 22-year-old Caviteña has had her share of partying and doesn’t find even the swankiest of bars all too inviting, unless she receives an invite from friends. Such is credited to the maturity she has developed through the years of being a familiar face in many of Metro Manila’s nightspots.

Playmate Abegail Varias

“Believe it or not, I used to be a party girl,” she reveals. “I think I’ve graduated from that lifestyle and now find it boring if I’m not with friends.”

As far as romance is concerned, Abegail has her share of suitors but has yet to find a keeper. She likes her men muscular, and having a sexy derriere is a huge plus in her book. Best of all, a guy need not have rock hard abs to have a shot with this cutie.

“I actually prefer guys who have a tummy because they’re more huggable. I find a guy’s tummy cute,” she chuckles.

Playmate Abegail Varias
A modicum of swag is endearing for Abegail, but the whole bad boy act is nothing short of bin-worthy. Our shy sweetheart has dated quite a number of douchebags, so much so that her preferences have leapt to the other side of the spectrum and are now magnetized by charming, good-natured guys who know how to please a woman and treat her with respect.        

“At the end of the day, I’m looking for someone who’s loyal and faithful. Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone with those qualities. Some guys are trouble; they are trust issues waiting to happen. And I happen to be a romantic.”

She could be your valentine. But first, you better clean up your act. (Playboy Philippines)


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