Miss March Wendy Lloren

PLAYBOY - We kick off the summer by turning up the heat to the boiling point with sultry Miss March Wendy Lloren. Having an affinity with the sea and a body that can turn any beach into an attraction, she is living proof that global warming is real. You don’t believe us? The truth lies in the beads of sweat that form on men’s brows the moment one catches a glimpse of her steamy images, whether online or on our 2018 Summer Issue.

Wendy is clearly made for the spotlight, oozing with flair and supreme confidence in front of the lens. If she didn’t opt to become a model, she would still find the camera as a second home of sorts, as she might have traded her sexy garbs for a power dress.

Miss March Wendy Lloren

“It’s one of my dreams to become a journalist,” she confesses. “In fact, one of my most admired personalities is Jessica Soho. I find her smart and courageous. She’s a fighter. She seems like someone who doesn’t back down.”   

Off-camera, the former ramp model is a total sweetheart. Wendy projects an aura of earnestness, displaying only subtle hints of the seductress that lies beneath the surface. She admits that she’s in touch with her altruistic side and is dead-set on helping others, especially those around her community.

Miss March Wendy Lloren

“Aside from modeling, I plan to do charity work,” she says. “I actually entered the world of politics before, running as one of the counselors for one of the barangays in Caloocan in 2017.” 

As far as romance is concerned, Wendy admits to being in love with the idea of being in love. There’s no hiding under the covers with this bombshell as she prefers to get frisky with the lights on because she enjoys seeing everything. She revels in showcasing her Botticelli-like figure in lacy lingerie to a lover. So, who would make an ideal lover?

“Someone tall,” she reveals. “I’m not after a good body. I prefer looking at faces. My eyes are drawn to the nose, so I’m attracted to men with good noses. I like Christian Grey’s face.”

Wendy enjoys the company of attentive suitors who see past her alluring façade and seek her conversation. She prefers to let her romantic relationships develop organically; the classic friends to lovers scenario – better yet, a doting companion. Respect for her mind and her person goes a long way.

Miss March Wendy Lloren
“I love to help other people so I’m looking for someone who can understand me; someone who can join me in my activities like helping the poor. What’s important to me is that he’s supportive. I don’t like guys who will just contradict me.”   

So what does it take for a man to capture this golden goddess? An offer of dark chocolate and an intimate touch on her lips might entice this Aphrodite to come out and play. (Playboy Philippines)


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